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Zero Gravity Buoyancy Suit:  the latest innovation in aquatic training gear from AQx Sports, is unlike anything youíve ever seen.  The Zero G is specially designed to improve deep water running biomechanics by providing adequate amounts of buoyancy in the appropriate areas necessary for greater balance and performance.  It also increases core temperature and activation, greater range of motion, sense of security and comfort, and improved posture.  Wear it like a normal suit for greater warmth and improved circulation, or fold it in itself at the waist for an increased feeling of freedom and buoyancy.  Either way, youíll be amazed at the results.
Zero Gravity Buoyancy Suit
Zero Gravity Buoyancy Suit
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The Zero Gravity Buoyancy Suit works well with The Unknown Swimmer's Water Aerobics Regimen.
Who is the Unknown Swimmer? Thatís unknown. But who the heck cares? He has developed a free 20-minute aquatic exercise regimen that he finds so helpful that he does it daily. It helps pain levels, fibromyalgia, hyperaesthesia, PTSD, whiplash, collapsed and/or herniated spinal disc symptoms, TMJ, myofascial pain, and even allergies, in his experience, and works better than medicine, exercise equipment, or anything else, especially if combined with massages and special back stretching exercises.

The big reason this regimen works is that it uses a lot of muscles (gently), gives a reasonable amount of exercise without causing pain, and uses the very therapeutic value of zero gravity, which can be had with the use of a pool and the help of a Zero Gravity Buoyancy Suit. He often repeats a few moves and varies arm motions until he gets in 30 minutes a day, but you may not have the time. If you do, take it!

Any flotation device such as the Zero Gravity Buoyancy Suit that keeps you floating with your head above water when you're still and not treading water will give you the zero gravity effect gotten from the Zero Gravity Buoyancy Suit. If you want or need to give leg muscles an extra workout, use aerobic shoes as well. They will increase water resistance 2 or 3 times.

The Unknown Swimmer never goes in the water without a flotation device such as the Zero Gravity Buoyancy Suit that allows him to float, and this relaxes pressure on the collapsed and herniated spinal discs.

It is good to ask a back doctor for back stretching exercises tailored for each individual patient according to his needs, so that the muscles around injured areas can strengthen and thereby act as a better back support system. If you have no injuries but merely find that the zero gravity warm water environment relaxes sore back muscles, thatís okay too.

Another reason the Unknown Swimmer uses zero gravity gotten from devices such as the Zero Gravity Buoyancy Suit is because, unlike with swimming, his body can remain relatively vertical in the water, thereby avoiding strain to injured neck areas. Swimming and dog-paddling makes one constantly hold up oneís head and neck, which can actually be counterproductive to neck health, depending on the type of injuries and their permanence status.

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The Unknown Swimmer's Water Aerobics Regimen

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