A Bench + Work = Benchwork

The 36.5" x 26" benchwork was composed of 1 x 4s at 8" on-center spacing as joists for the ˝" plywood subroadbed on the lower level, and triple-layered 1 x 2 uprights to support the ˝" plywood upper level. The uprights were bolted together and then bolted to the joists. The plywood was screwed down with 1˝" wood screws. I even added corner braces at layout corners. I purposely made the structure tough enough so that one could carry the whole thing, at this point, by using any upright as a handle. I intended that the layout would be able to withstand knocking around during shipping without showing symptoms as a result.

I installed six small terminal strips for the lighting system, so that 3mm lamps could be replaced from underneath the layout without any soldering. I installed three Peco turnouts without switch machines—they were to be operated by hand so as to minimize future complications. I installed a stop so that the sliding throttle panel couldn't possibly be pulled out far enough to pull on any of the track feeder wires. I soldered wires to block switches and indicator lights, and feeder wires were soldered to track. There are no connections that can come loose except for lighting, but lamp wires are tightly screwed to the terminal strips, and I don't expect future problems.
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