Different Strokes for Different Folks

In truth, I'd enjoy having a wireless DCC layout as well as the cab-control and Multi-Throttle layouts I have. This type of control seems intriguing and like it would be fun to operate. People I've seen using DCC were certainly having a good time. But I'd like such a layout only as long as someone else hassles with loco decoder installation and the addition of 73 relays to my Tortoises for frog power switching—and while they're at it pays for it all! In reality, I haven't room for a third layout, so you can see—by matching my dream layout list with the DCC/Multi-Throttle comparisons—that it was an easy decision to go with Multi-Throttle. Others whose dream layout lists look like mine may want to follow suit, while those who like toggle flipping may want to go for the extra flexibility intrinsic to all cab-control systems. And still others, who find that the DCC advantages in the comparison list above are just too attractive to pass up, may want to jump on the growing DCC bandwagon.

If there's one point I wish to emphasize in this article more than any other, it's that everyone should figure out exactly what they're looking for, determine how to best attain it, and go for it. Life is short. And, in this process, keep an open mind, believe conventional wisdom only as long as it serves you to do so, and analyze according to the realities of the situation, not the hype in ads, rumors, and "what everybody knows." For, in truth, history is replete with examples where linear progress away from the ways of times past turns out to be an illusion, and reality demonstrates that the progression has instead come full circle.