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Cool Page
The website you are on right now is called aglasshalffull.org, and it is nearly 18MB, over 1230 files, and over 300 pages, and yet the guy who created it knew nothing whatsoever about HTML! The site has shopping carts, counters, site search engines, animated graphics, thumbnails, JPGs, GIFs, backgrounds like the water one you're now looking at, lots of links to on-site and off-site URLs, and lots of pictures and text, and yet with Cool Page, no previous knowledge was needed! I know you've been told that unless you know HTML, you might as well forget about website creation, but what they told you is simply not true, since the launch of Cool Page. It's the first decent WYSIWYG website creator on Earth. I know you're dying to get yourself a free download of this great program (more features are included in versions that aren't free, of course), so click on any of the graphics on this page and get in on all the fun!