Neo=neodymium magnet (manufacturers gauss rating of 12000-12300 per magnet/ surface output of 1500-2000)
* Ceramic (manufacturers gauss rating of 3650- 3950 per magnet/ surface output of 800-1100)
** Pet Pads have from 23 to 94 ceramic disc magnets.
*** Flexible (manufacturers gauss rating of 2200-2500 per magnet/ surface output of 300-800)

WARNING: Persons with pacemakers, defibrillators, implanted insulin pumps or other electro-medical devices should keep biomagnetic products at least eighteen inches from the device.

RETURNS on Certain Magnetic Products: Shoe inserts (that have been cut), magnetic mattress pads, pillow pads and pillows may not be returned. State health laws prohibit returns on these items.

DISCLAIMER: The products presented on this site are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, mitigate, or prevent a disease or illness. Results may vary per person.
The Unknown Swimmer's Water Aerobics Regimen
Serious help for people wanting or needing the healing
powers of zero gravity aerobics--requires a swimming pool.

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Magnetic health products
Supreme – slightly thicker, more powerful and durable (small, large, or extra large) Choose size at cart
Powerstride – thinner, recommended for dress shoes where space in shoe is limited (small, large, or extra large) Choose size at cart
For Your Feet: Magnesole Magnetic Shoe Inserts with Patented Alternating Pole (multi-pole) Design
Magnetic Shoe Inserts
Norso® Magnesole Supremes are our most powerful magnetic shoe inserts. They are thicker and provide more penetration to the feet and legs. Constructed of solid magnetic material (2,550 gauss) and covered with a durable cordura covering, they are the highest quality shoe insert available on the market today.

Our magnetic insoles are smooth with no lumps or bumps and are cut to fit the insole of the shoe, so order a size at least as large as your shoe size.

Be sure your shoes have a little extra space to accommodate the thickness of the insole which is approximately 3/16" thick.  
Magnetic Shoe Inserts
Shoe Insert Sizing: 
S (Mens 9 & under, Womens 9 and under)
L (Mens 9-10½ , Womens 9-13)
XL (Mens 11-13, Womens 13 and over)