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If you have piriformis pain in the buttock sitting on a chair, or if you have low back pain or any other back problem that causes bending pain, you've come to the right place. We can help!

No one could promise you no more piriformis pain in the buttock, but we can help with the management of buttock pain. We guarantee this is NOT the same old stuff. Many of the ideas and apparatuses in this site are totally original to this site. There are many new inventions. And there are also very helpful products that you can get here to reduce bending pain, adjust to not being able to sit, and become productive while lying down—including using a computer.

Hip pain while sitting may be frustrating, but pain when sitting often means that you keep trying to do everything the way you always have, without making adjustments in your habits and environment. Ignoring a problem can only work if it's a mild one. Once it gets more severe, you need to start thinking outside the box. Like those who've designed this web site.

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Piriformis Pain in the Buttock Can Prevent You from All Sitting -- But We Can Help!