Living Earth Crafts Massage Tables
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  Massage Tables    
$379 Solstice Portable Massage Table INFORMATION
$449 Phoenix Portable Massage Table INFORMATION
$499 Horizon Portable Massage Table INFORMATION
$649 Horizon Tilt Portable Massage Table INFORMATION
  Massage Chair    
$509 Avila II Portable Massage Chair INFORMATION
  Face Cradles    
$55 Standard Face Cradle INFORMATION
$85 Deluxe Adjustable Face Cradle INFORMATION
$119 Caress Face Cradle INFORMATION
$129 Spa Caress Face Cradle INFORMATION
$129 Flex-Rest Face Cradle INFORMATION
  Table Options (select at Cart)    
$60 Face Hole Option INFORMATION  
$50-150 Foam Options INFORMATION  
$0-200 Vinyl Options INFORMATION  
$35 Reiki End Panels Option INFORMATION  
$20 Shiatsu Clip Option INFORMATION  
$35 Swedish Option INFORMATION  
$40 Arm Cradles Option INFORMATION  
$59 Universal Hanging Armrest Option INFORMATION  
$45 Arm Outriggers Option INFORMATION  

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