Website design
Search engine positioning
Directory submissions
Link partnership development
Domain name registration
Ecommerce needs
Shopping carts
Gateways, merchant accounts
Security certification
Entrepreneurial & product advice
Find good inexpensive hosts
Create discussion boards
What goes into a good website?

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Our Services

Website design (designed for optimum traffic). Whether you need a business or personal site, we can do it. We have templates to choose from, or we can custom design the logos, navigation bars, header bar, side bar, buttons, etc. If you need picture cycling, an animated banner, or a popup menu, we can do it. Each web page will have keyword choices and placements, metatag design, and about a dozen other aspects optimized for maximal visitor traffic.

Search engine positioning

  • web page submissions
  • optional paid submissions
  • keyword research and analysis for your site
  • link popularity research and analysis for your site
  • link development (Google's first criterion)

    Directory submissions

  • optional paid directory submissions
  • free directory submissions

    Link partnership development (increases traffic). We can do link development or train you to do it. Either way this will give your search engine ratings a great boost, especially on Google.

    Domain name registration & management. We can do domain name registration or show you how to do it.

    Ecommerce needs:

  • shopping carts (gateways, merchant accounts, money collection—inexpensive sources)
  • security certification (as needed)
  • if you sell software, we can set up download service providers
  • Entrepreneurial & product advice. Identify & reach the people who will buy your product(s).

    Find good inexpensive hosts. We've looked far and wide for hosts that are reliable, have unique IP addresses, and have good service, support, and prices.

    Create discussion boards. Get the buzz going about your site; it's cheaper than advertising!

    General website and ecommerce maintenance & training (control panels, email, and sales transactions, et al.—your day-to-day website management needs).

    Optional training on link partner development; on software programs to manage link development and other programs needed to manage your web business.

    Your Participation

    Our ambition is to empower you to be in control of your website to the degree you desire to. Although we can’t teach you how to design or build the site, we can empower you to know what’s going on and why regarding the general management of your site. We will explain to you what we do and why, and the results we are aiming for. We have many years of business, product development, and marketing experience, so you will often find us going beyond the scope of our development contract with you to share and advise based on our experience. We want your business to succeed.

    We will provide services up to whatever levels you wish. However, it will be necessary for you to be involved in some activities (as follows):

    The exceptions to this are one-time-use services (that are needed to get your site running or positioned) that you don’t need to sign up for, but that we use on your behalf. These one-time costs do not require ongoing commitments from you (or agreements between you and the vendor); but those for which we pass costs along to you. Examples of these are keyword research, site positioning, and link partnership services. Such services need to be utilized once every 3, 6, or 12 months to keep your site competitive.

      1. IF WE’RE GETTING PAID A SET AMOUNT FOR THE SITE, a certain amount of changes and revisions are acceptable while the site’s being completed, but at the point where we've completed our work and made the edits you’ve requested, our set-amount-contract work is complete. This doesn't mean that we are unwilling to make changes in the future, do maintenance for you, add new products, etc. We are willing. But further work must be paid for by the hour or with a maintenance contract.
    1. Tell us what you want changed and give us all the elements for the change at one time: text copy, photo, etc., OR
    2. Delay the editing request and keep a "pending" email, or some kind of note, in your own scheduler or organizer so that when you do have ALL the elements together, you can provide them along with all needed details, and then we can complete what you've asked us to do.

    We look forward to assisting you with your business!

    How to proceed from here:

    1. Decide what services you wish us to perform.
    2. We will clarify with you as needed to give you a price based on completed milestones (or a guestimate about how much time the site will take us if we get paid by the hour, if you prefer).
    3. Enter into a contract with us.
    4. Fill in The Start-up Form, which you must contact us to obtain.

    Website Development Capabilities

    Whether you just want to present your wonderful ideas to the world, show off your pet orangutan, or if you have invented the world's first anti-gravity device and are ready to start selling it, we can design the best presentation, and set you up to sell.

    And unlike most website designers, we will also do the critical processes needed so that the world will find your site. If you build it, they will not come—unless you tell them how to find you. Don't be a member of the invisible web. Be part of the web that is found through search engines and through other sites that appropriately relate to yours.

    If you're new to all this web stuff, you should know that we're real people that won't talk to you in a funny language about things that don't make sense to you. We've learned all of the complexities from the ground up and we know how daunting it can be. We'll take you through the process and give you the information that you're interested in. If you don't want to understand the details, we'll do every part of it up to the point where you run your own business and manage the communications, data, and orders from your customers.

    (And if you're not new to all this web stuff, we'll still talk with you in a language that we all understand...)

    We'll train you to use the tools that you'll need to use. And at your option we'll teach you the processes that you can do that are important ongoing processes that maintain your presence on the net. Or we'll do them for you if you just want to sit back and collect your orders or hear from your visitors about how they resonate with your great ideas.

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