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Fire Protection

There have been tremendous economic losses and the concomitant loss of life from wildland interface fires, such as the California ones in 2007 that also caused so much evacuation hassle, business disruption, property damage, and air quality degradation. The need for fire protection and safety was everywhere, but too often citizens could only evacuate the area and lose their beautiful homes! Even if fire prevention is sometimes doomed to failure, must fire protection—protecting structures and people from the fires—also be doomed?

Fire Protection—the Unmet Need

What Fire Storm Technologies LLC has decided to do about these tragedies is to purchase the patent for the “Fire protection apparatus for a building structure” and to get this invention researched, prototyped, developed, manufactured and marketed. (To check out the plans, go here and see what you think about this nifty fire protection system.)

But keep in mind that we cannot advance the cause of fire protection by a huge leap all by ourselves. There will be a serious need for all kinds of help to get this job done. The question is: Will YOU help with this vital quest for better fire protection?

fire protection system using mechanically deployed fire blankets

Fire Protection—Will YOU Help?

We can use all the help we can get with this venture. If nothing else, we know you are with us in spirit as we attempt to actually DO something about all these tragic losses. But if there is anything that you could offer—if YOU could be a resource for the actualization of the development of Fire Blankets, then PLEASE email me ASAP! We are in need of:
1. Investors, 2. Marketers,
3. Prototypers, 4. Testers,
5. Articles written in magazines,
6. Connections in media (TV, radio, magazines, PR, advertising), 7. Support from reporters, 8. Materials suggestions and info re: the blanket material, 9. Places for the prototyping, testing, fine-tuning, 10. Any type of free information, writing, materials, warehouse usage, computers, etc.

If you have interest in helping to save lives and property by becoming any kind of constructive resource to help this Fire Blanket become a reality, please contact Lou Pontacoloni .

Proactive Fire Protection

The present invention, which we like to refer to as a Fire Blanket, involves the positioning of a fire retardant blanket or blankets on and about a building structure in advance of a fire risk. It's an effective fire protection system.

Many homes are lost each year within the United States from external fire causes. Homes lost are often those in high risk environments where adjacent homes are at risk from wildfires and all cannot be protected by available fire fighting services. Typically home losses from external fires occur in those areas at the interface of undeveloped land and urban areas where hilly terrain complicates fire protection as was the case in several recent fire losses in the southwestern part of the United States. Existing fire fighting capabilities in the above noted type of area are apparently inadequate as evidenced by the substantial replacement cost of residential properties each year—to say nothing of lives lost.

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