Operations on the Deep Rock Railroad

We switch coal cars on the coal siding and various goods at the distribution warehouse and the industrial spurs. A passenger train pauses at the station sidings in the southwest and northeast parts of the layout, and we switch fuel tankers at the fuel siding. The upper level passenger train stops at stations in each of its loops, and passengers can make connections by walking down long stairways to train stations on the lower level. Trolley passengers can make connections at a waiting platform with steps from the middle (Plateau City) level to a lower level station. All switching operations need and use delayed action uncoupling, since all require trains to uncouple cars and then back them into sidings or spurs and leave them there.

My wife and I have a memorized sequence of action that we go through when guests arrive.  We run through all our switching operations, and we run all four staging track trains through the full mainline circuit. We also make the trolley and upper level passenger train do their thing as well. It's more dynamic action than people usually see at shows, where endless looping is the rule and spotting specific cars to the industries are the exception.
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