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One new feature is called Website Menu Heaven.
Here are some good links:

CSS-Resources (great free CSS help for website creation)
(website development and ecommerce help)
Lots of new Hydro-fit products for aerobics
Living Earth Crafts massage tables
Info and pictures explaining how to ergonomically upgrade your
Littlefingers keyboard with an optical mouse and some extremely useful keyboard remapping
In December of 2004 we installed a new shopping cart and payment processor. We think it will improve your shopping experience and our ability to serve you.  If you need a shopping cart for your own site, we highly recommend LiteCommerce.

Have a look at some of our best selling products, such as Hydro-fit products for your water aerobics needs.

If you are learning or want to learn website design or need some help with your site, you'll find some extraordinary information at
CSS-Resources. It's offers great free CSS, PHP, DHTML, AJAX, XPATH, CMS, captcha, and JavaScript help for website creation.

WebHatchers will help you with your website development and guide you through the ecommerce maze so you can sell online.

Website Menu Heaven provides you with tools you can use when you create your website: pop-ups, buttons, menus, rotators, and more.