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You're about to see items from the HYDRO-FIT company. They make aquatic exercise/fitness/therapy gear. We don't just think their stuff is helpful in pain relief, therapy, fitness, and exercise empowerment, WE KNOW IT! Our own personal experience with their Wave Belt made us eager  to include their gear on our site.

Many people have back problems and cannot use any regular exercise gear like bikes, treadmills, ski  machines, and weights. Even walking can be painful for some people and that's because of gravity pulling the weight of their upper body down on their spinal discs. But aquatic exercise can take off this painful weight and allow virtually pain-free exercise (we recommend 30 minutes a day).

If you stand on the bottom with your neck and head above water, you can minimize gravity and use the water as a resistance force. HYDRO-FIT has the perfect exercise gear for this. And if your feet don't touch bottom because you're treading water, you can virtually eliminate gravity and the pain it causes. HYRO-FIT has the right gear for this as well (the Wave Belt). After seeing how well treading water for a half hour a day in a Wave Belt works to empower health and fitness, we knew we'd hit upon the solution we'd been seeking for years. (It doesn't work to tread water for very long without this belt, and we've tried other gear, but a HYDRO-FIT Wave Belt is the one and only thing that works.)
NOTE: All prices refer to United States or Canada orders only. For all other countries, do NOT click on ADD TO CART. Instead, email us by clicking here or on the CONTACT button on our HOME page.
    CUFFS & GLOVES    
    Choose glove size (S, M, L, XL) & cuff color at the Shopping Cart.
119 $24.99 Wave Web Pro Glove (S, M, L, XL) INFORMATION
101 $62.99 Classic Cuffs (formerly Buoyancy & Resistance Cuffs) INFORMATION
902 $15.99 Comfort Cuffs INFORMATION
903 $45.99 Classic Cuff Replacement Covers
(formerly know as Replacement Cuff Covers)
186 $42.99 Mini Cuffs INFORMATION
245 $62.99 Easy-Close Cuffs INFORMATION
191 $42.99 Easy-Close Mini Cuffs INFORMATION
907 $45.99 Easy-Close Cuff Covers INFORMATION
956 $34.99 Easy-Close Mini Cuff Covers INFORMATION
955 $34.99 Classic Mini Cuff Covers INFORMATION
    Choose Kit glove size (S, M, L, XL) & cuff color at the Shopping Cart.
133 $139.99 HYDRO-FIT Kit w/Classic Wave Belt INFORMATION
134 $139.99 HYDRO-FIT Kit w/ Easy-Close Wave Belt INFORMATION
246 $139.99 HYDRO-FIT Kit w/ Easy-Close Cuffs INFORMATION
247 $124.99 HYDRO-FIT Kit w/ Easy-Close Mini Cuffs INFORMATION
106 $139.99 Hydro-Fit Kit (w/ Classic Cuffs) INFORMATION
194 $124.99 Hydro-Fit Kit (w/ Mini Cuffs) INFORMATION
  $9.99 Illustrated Exercise Guide—Aqua Technique I INFORMATION
  $9.99 Illustrated Exercise Guide—Aqua Technique II INFORMATION
  $9.99 Illustrated Exercise Guide—Single Hand Buoy Workout INFORMATION
  $9.99 Illustrated Exercise Guide—HYDRO-FIT Noodle Workout INFORMATION
  $9.99 Illustrated Exercise Guide—Liquid Abs Workout INFORMATION
  $9.99 Illustrated Exercise Guide—Deep Water Exercise Guide INFORMATION
    Choose strap size (S, M, L) and belt size at the Shopping Cart.
Wave Belt Pro (discontinued—choose Classic Wave Belt instead) Discontinued Discontinued
Wave Belt Pro w/EBM (discontinued—choose Classic Wave Belt instead) Discontinued Discontinued
904 $24.99 Extra Buoyance Module INFORMATION
130 $57.99 Easy-Close WAVE Belt – Small INFORMATION
131 $57.99 Easy-Close WAVE Belt – Medium INFORMATION
132 $57.99 Easy-Close WAVE Belt – Large INFORMATION
811 $21.99 Classic Replacement Belt Strap (S-XL) INFORMATION
812 $21.99 Easy-Close Replacement Belt Strap (S-XL) INFORMATION
190 $57.99 Classic Wave Belt - Small INFORMATION
166 $57.99 Classic Wave Belt - Medium INFORMATION
165 $57.99 Classic Wave Belt - Large INFORMATION
203 $134.99 Wet Vest AT - medium INFORMATION
204 $134.99 Wet Vest AT - large INFORMATION
118 $48.99 Sports Therapy Barbell INFORMATION
104 $47.99 Hand Buoys-Mini INFORMATION
105 $47.99 Hand Buoys-Regular INFORMATION
103 $47.99 Hand Buoys-Jumbo INFORMATION
    Choose sizes and colors at the Shopping Cart.    
564 $69.99 Long Sleeve WarmUp Jacket INFORMATION
579 $64.99 Short Sleeve WarmUp Jacket INFORMATION
574 $69.99 Men’s WarmUp Jacket INFORMATION
571 $39.99 Wet Vest Aqua Shorts INFORMATION
572 $49.99 Wet Vest Aqua Pants INFORMATION
    Choose Wet Vest size (XXXS, XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL) at the Shopping Cart.
178 $238.99 Wet Vest II - Adult (Small) INFORMATION
175 $238.99 Wet Vest II - Adult (Medium) INFORMATION
179 $238.99 Wet Vest II - Adult (Large) INFORMATION
209 $238.99 Wet Vest II - Adult (X Large) INFORMATION
219 $238.99 Wet Vest II - Adult (XX Large) INFORMATION
129 $183.99 Wet Vest II - Child (X Small) INFORMATION
221 $183.99 Wet Vest II - Child (XX Small) INFORMATION
222 $183.99 Wet Vest II - Child (XXX Small) INFORMATION
203 $137.99 Wet Vest AT - Medium INFORMATION
204 $137.99 Wet Vest AT - Large INFORMATION
176 $55.99 Wet Vest Air Collar INFORMATION
265 $49.99 Hydro-fit Therapy Collar INFORMATION
188 $49.99 Wet Vest Float-Its (Large) Set of 2 INFORMATION
187 $45.99 Wet Vest Float-Its (Small) Set of 2 INFORMATION
181 $35.99 Wet Vest Mini Float Its - Small, Set of 2 INFORMATION
182 $37.99 Wet Vest Mini Float Its - Large, Set of 2 INFORMATION
911 $20.99 Wet Sack INFORMATION
906 $60.99 Facility Gear Bag INFORMATION
922 $53.99 Instructor Gear Bag INFORMATION
957 $65.99 Noodle Gear Bag INFORMATION
275 $2,282.00 System 18 with Cuffs INFORMATION
276 $1,974.00 System 18 with Mini Cuffs INFORMATION
274 $2,196.00 System 18 with Wave Belts INFORMATION
    HYDRO-FIT Systems Includes Rack 18, Storage Hammock,    
    18 Pairs of Hand Buoys and 18 of Cuffs, Mini Cuffs or Wave Belts.    
    All Systems are available in either Classic or Easy-Close styles.    
149 $1,537.00 Hand Buoy System 24 INFORMATION
    (Includes Buoy Rack and 24 pr. Hand Buoys only)    

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The Unknown Swimmer's Water Aerobics Regimen
Serious help for people wanting or needing the healing
powers of zero gravity aerobics--requires a swimming pool.
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