Water exercise is all about moving more water and creating more resistance an irresistible combination for a great workout.

Smaller in size, but no less versatile, we made Mini Cuffs with half the level of buoyancy and resistance of our HYDRO-FIT Cuffs. Wear Mini Cuffs around your ankles, on your wrists, even around your waist! In shallow or deep water, adding Mini Cuffs increases the water's resistance, helping you improve muscle tone and aerobic endurance. Fastened together as a belt, Mini Cuffs provide buoyant support in deep water. Or wear Mini Cuffs around your ankles with your WAVE Belt or WAVE Belt PRO for a more challenging workout. One size fits most. Available in Blue/Black combination.

Easy-Close Mini Cuffs feature our easy to put on and adjustable heavy duty velcro-like fastening system.

Easy-Close Mini Cuffs include an Owner's Manual with illustrated exercises.

When wearing as a belt, this item will fit up to a 38" waist.
Classic Cuffs feature a quick-release buckle closure for an extra firm fit. Classic Cuffs are the preferred choice if you work out aggressively in the water. Versatile and durable, these fitness Cuffs enhance the natural buoyancy and resistance of water for improving muscle tone and aerobic conditioning. HYDRO-FIT Classic Cuffs offer five applications for a variety of fitness options. Excellent for both deep and shallow water workouts. One size fits all. Choose color at cart.
1. Ankle placement provides increased resistance for toning and strengthening hips, thighs and buttocks in deep and shallow water.

2. Clipped together the Cuffs function as a buoyancy belt providing comfortable and secure flotation for deep water exercise.

3. Wrist placement provides increased resistance for upper body toning and strengthening without gripping.

4. Upper arm placement provides buoyant support for suspended water exercise activities and abdominal strengthening.

5. Foot placement offers land-like resistance for deep water running and jogging.

For sensitive skin or slender ankles, Comfort Cuffs fit under your Classic Cuffs providing cushioning for a more comfortable and secure fit. One size fits all.
comfort cuffs
Mini Cuffs provide half the level of buoyancy and resistance as regular HYDRO-FIT Classic Cuffs while offering an enhanced level of comfort.

Excellent for use in shallow water to improve lower body muscle tone and overall aerobic conditioning. Combine with a buoyancy belt in deep water to increase exercise intensity and for more effective lower body strengthening. One size fits all. Blue/black only.
Comfort Cuffs
Classic Cuff Replacement Covers for Classic Cuffs
Extend the life of your Cuffs with replacement covers. Available in all Cuff color combinations. Not all colors are available at all times. You may select from available colors at the shopping cart.
Classic Cuffs  (formerly Buoyancy & Resistance Cuffs)

New Easy-Close Cuffs feature a Velcro-like fastening system. Easier to put on and adjust than Classic Cuffs, they provide a wider range of fitting options. Easy-Close Cuffs offer the same level of function and performance as Classic Cuffs.
Easy-Close Cuffs
Classic Cuffs, Easy-Close Cuffs, Easy-Close Mini Cuffs, Comfort Cuffs, Mini Cuffs and Classic Cuff Replacement Covers, Easy-Close Cuff Covers
Easy-Close Mini Cuffs
Extend the life of your Easy-Close Cuffs with replacement covers.  Not for Mini Cuffs.

Our Easy-Close Cuffs feature a heavy duty velcro-like fastening system.

Available in Blue/Black combination only (not shown).
Easy-Close Cuff Covers