Hydro-Fit Systems
Turn your pool into a complete in-water fitness center. These lightweight and portable Systems provide your facility with the most versatile and effective aquatic fitness gear on the market. Custom design your System with 18 complete sets of HYDRO-FIT gear. The Hand Buoy Rack 24 has 24 pairs of hand buoys in a rack, while the cuff, mini cuff, and wave belt systems have:
• 18 pairs of HYDRO-FIT Cuffs; choose Cuffs or Mini Cuffs, with Classic or Easy-Close closure systems
  18 HYDRO-FIT WAVE Belts® in Classic or Easy-Close closure systems

• 18 pairs of Hand Buoys, Regular size

• HYDRO-FIT Storage Rack and
Multi-Purpose Storage Rack Hammock
Hydro-Fit Systems
System 18 with Cuffs
System 18 with Mini Cuffs
System 18 with Belts
Hand Buoy System 24