Comfortable and durable gloves are webbed to enhance the natural resistance of water. WAVE WEBs provide variable and accommodating resistance for upper body toning and strengthening. Made from a unique material that allows water to actually pass through the gloves guarding against injury and joint strain. Specially treated material withstands the rigors of repeated use in chemically treated water.

WAVE WEBS stretch to fit snugly and can be worn comfortably throughout your entire workout. By simply opening the WEBS (to increase resistance) or by closing the WEBS into a cup or fist (to decrease resistance), you can easily regulate intensity without interrupting your workout.

Wave Web PRO

These industrial strength mitts are webbed for heavy duty resistance! These open-fingered mitts are made with the same rugged material as the Wet Vest II. One size fits all.
Wet Vest Mitt

The new WAVE Mitts combine the best attributes of WAVE WEB PRO gloves and WET VEST MITTS. These are durable and user-friendly gloves. Like WAVE WEB PROs, WAVE Mitts are flexible and offer the benefit of on-demand, variable resistance.

Like WET VEST Mitts, WAVE Mitts are open-fingered and constructed of a firmer material in the palm, providing greater levels of resistance.

New and exclusive-WAVE Mitts feature an adjustable wrist closure for greater ease when putting on and taking off the Mitts, in addition to a more secure fit. One size fits all. Available now in Blue/Black, Purple/Black and Solid Black. Sold in pairs.
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Wave Web PRO
Wave Web PRO
Wave Web PRO
Wave Web PRO
Wet Vest Mitt, HYDRO-FIT WAVE Mitt, Wave Web PRO