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Our Portfolio

The Liquid Ate Her—home and model train design
A Glass Half Full—disabilities help
A Glass Half Full—model train pics
A Glass Half Full—fire blankets

Candle-Styx—beeswax candles, gifts
The Big Answer: Microcommunities (MC) and Personal Status Boards (PSB™)
Bicycle Clothing—the best in bicycling apparel
CSS-Resources—website design help
The Squirrel Valley Railroad—cool model train DVDs, photos, video clips
The Deep Rock Railroad—cool model train DVD
Crieger Goodwin Real Estate Sales: Eugene and Oregon real estate sales
Fire Blankets—protection from wildfires
The Magic Carpet and the Cement Wall—children's adventure fantasy ebook
Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine
Avoid TV Ads by Using 2 TV Screens
To The Heart of The Matter -- Deep healing through inner resolution facilitation
Home Design Software, Etcetera -- The best home design software for Mac and Windows
Dyer Skylights -- The only dedicated contractor in Eugene Oregon who Specializes in Skylights

Website Menu Heaven

We built the site A Glass Half Full before we even started making and selling website tools, website design services, ecommerce solutions, etc. Feel free to click on the above links and see how varied the approaches were. Also check out the above template and note that many businesses need that style of approach. We're ready.


"We were so impressed by the website. It is just beautiful, awesome. Love the slideshow of the scenes of Oregon and the products."

"It’s just the best website I’ve ever seen. We’re thoroughly impressed. Just love that website. You did a fantastic job. We are really pleased with it."

---- Bonnie Cohn, Eugene, OR


"I finally made the decision to have a new website developed after several months of very basic self-education, and after exhausting interviewing of many local website developers. I made the decision to work with the people at Webhatchers because I felt that they were willing to listen to me, and not just talk "at" me, and I felt that they were as interested in the success of my business as they were in the success of their own."

"After three months of almost daily phone contact, I can say this about the people at Webhatchers...I miss them!"

"They presented me with many choices and many great ideas, but the final decisions were always up to me. I always felt like they had my best interests in mind at all times, and they never pushed me even when their work was put on hold for something I needed to do that was going more slowly than it should have."

"They made me feel as though I was an integral part of the entire creative process. The lady that does the ecommerce end of things there explained anything and everything I needed to know (most things I never imagined I needed to know!), and she did it concisely and patiently. She kept me up to date on their progress, so I always knew exactly what was going on and why. She always let me know what was expected of me, and gently nudged me to keep on track. Everything was always done professionally, thoroughly, timely, and in the most friendly manner."

"I am so proud of my new website and the fresh face it presents to the world. I have had so many compliments on the unique design, and customers like the easy maneuvering it allows them. My website not only looks clean and professional, but I know that every little important sales-boosting detail behind the scenes is in place, too. My immediate increase in customer inquiries and orders can attest to that. And, of course, that is why I decided on this project in the first place!"

"This was the most enjoyable and rewarding experience I've ever had on a business project, and hiring the people at Webhatchers was the best business decision I could have made."

"I recommend them to the world!"

-------Linda Sanchez, at