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The best-tasting junk-food-imitating healthy food around.

Healthy Food
Soy is good
If you study health issues, and we have, soy is great in more ways than you can count.  It's healthy to get the best types of protein, fat, and carbohydrates that you can, and lay off the sugar, junk food carbos, saturated fats, and animal fats in general to whatever degree possible. This is quite a challenge without soy, but simple with it. The above recipes and recommendations keep all this in mind.
Eat often but light
There are a plethora of reasons why EAT OFTEN BUT LIGHT is good for the health of most people (but don't forget to brush your teeth!). To aid digestion, reduce constipation, mitigate hypoglycemia, and so you'll feel better and have more energy are a few of the reasons.
Fat, sugar, white flour, fried food
Fat, sugar, white flour, and fried food are all things to be careful about. If you could eliminate the latter three from your diet entirely, you'd be better off and less likely to get diabetes.  A little of the sugar that's in fruit, rice syrup, fruit sweeteners, and malted grains is okay, but the white stuff is not good for you. You need fat, but make sure it's the good kind like in nuts, olive oil, and fish, and for cooking or making salad dressing use canola, olive or safflower oil.
Few people drink enough water. A good-sized man needs at least 10 glasses a day in addition to meal liquids, and coffee is not nearly as healthy a way to do this as faucet juice—also known as tap water. Use filtered water as much as possible-it tastes better anyway.

Buy It Cheap
Buying out of bins is cheaper than getting a package. Of course, cheaper yet is growing your own!
Close to wholesale
Buying clubs, co-ops, discount warehouses like Costco-these can keep your food costs down significantly.
Quantity discount
Buying a whole bag of something, or a case, can get you a 10 to 15 percent discount from most groceries—but only if you ask nicely.
nutritional food shopper
nutritional food--apple
nutritional food--broccoli
nutritional food--cherries
nutritional food--carrots
nutritional food--watermelon