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Sitting Disability and Bending Disability
My focus here is sitting disability, although those with bad backs and/or necks that simply have trouble bending/reaching/rising without pain will also find this article useful. Some people get back, butt or groin injuries and then sit a lot anyway in spite of the pain and their doctor's warnings. They do it because their jobs and lifestyles demand it. They cannot be expected to stand while eating, reading or watching television, so some do these while reclining. Others must side-lie. Many find getting up and down painful. Most cannot drive because of sitting pain, and when they ride in a car or van they do it lying on a mattress in the back and some must do this side-lying. All of the above requires huge life adjustments. If the back injury precludes any bending, how can one use a sink or pick things up or get shoes or socks on? There's more but you get the idea.
Sitting Disability and Bending Disability and the Need to Keyboard in Bed
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