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Using Recliner Chairs with Desks/Tables
You can use a laptop on a recliner, with or without a Styrofoam desk. But a heavy computer—a desktop machine—will not only not fit on a lap or Styrofoam desk; it's likely to break either.

If you're using a
recliner unreclined, you can use it with an office table on wheels with any kind of computer on it as long as it's not a very heavy table, but is quite sturdy, and has legs or sides that will fit on either side of your recliner's armrests. All tables will be too short to be pulled over recliner armrests. And all tables will need really good wheels in order to be easily rolled, but they're unlikely to have them. So you'll need to mount proper wheels on two 2-by-4 boards and use other boards or large, L-shaped corner braces to get the wheels attached to the table. Make sure you clear the armrests when figuring final desk height.

Also, make sure you check for pullout boards (like cutting boards that slide under kitchen counters), since these can hold keyboards or laptops and therefore may alter your overall plans. I used this recliner-and-table situation for years (before I became sitting disabled) with no pullout, then built my own pullout under my office table to hold my laptop.

Now, if you are using the Styrofoam desk so you can recline part way, you'll need a laptop, a trackball (or use MouseKeys), maybe a
book holder, and maybe a special document holder setup. For the most versatile solution, use a clipboard-type copyholder that's fastened to the end of a spring-loaded arm. For a good but limited solution, use a paper holder.
Recliners with Desks