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The Comfort Keyboard's three sections are ideal for helping side-lying people with the idle hand problem, which slows productivity down to a crawl. Now, let's look at the upward typing thing. I'm kidding, right? Wrong. If you do it right, it's easy, comfy, and very helpful. Here are some guidelines:

• move your fingers, not your hand or arm
• have a comfy rest position that has no stress (lay your fingers up under the stilt; totally relax the hand and let the fingers curl up a little as normal fingers will; the tips should just touch the keys; if they don't the stilt is too high; if the keys push against the fingertips, the stilt is too low; experiment, realizing that cutting off the dowels is easier than making them longer)
• touch typists will use their stilts with fingers in their usual positions pressing the keys they're used to pressing—except upside-down, and except the numeric keypad section which sits level on the bed next to the section on the slanted foam of the armrest

Building a stilt isn't hard unless you aren't good with tools, in which case you should find someone who can use a drill and jigsaw and knows what white glue is.
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