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File/Document holder for the Side-Lying
Get a Wall File Pocket with one or more file compartments. Mount it on the wall about 2 inches above the top of your bed covers. It has a million uses for the side-lying person. Where else are you going to put files or stacks of papers while you're side-lying that are reachable without getting up? To get one, go on-line and search for wall file pocket.
File Holder
The file holder seen above is full of papers and a book, and it's also a pencil holder. The outside is a bit chaotic looking because it has an old 5.25" disk box taped to it with duct tape that was taped into 2" diameter loops first and then stuck on the box, flattening it. This is being used for little notepads and scratchpads—there was nowhere else to put them.