Disabilities that we address on this site, including the inability to sit, the inability to bend, and the need to keyboard in bed

Automobile safety for the horizontal passenger

Computer setups for the horizontal:

The Adjustment
Remapping Keybd
The Keyboards
Stilt Keyboards
Leg & Back Rests
Building Arm Slings
Tch Typist Armrest H&P Typist Armrest
Building Stilt Keybd
Building Kbd Holder
Build Laptop Holder
Build Laptop Cover
Build Paper Holder
File Holder
Word Macros
Make Back Support
Pillow Modification
Computing on Back
Recliner Chairs
Building Foam Desk
Build a Book Holder
Recliner with Desk

Computer setups for the back-lying

Computer setups for the reclining

Sleeping and reading
accessories for the

Reading and writing
stand for the standing

Music keyboard raiser

Food holder

Tray holder and standing assistance acces- sory

Raised work trays for kitchen or workroom

Raised workbench for garage

Raised massage table

Raised sinks, faucets, and towel racks

Mattresses for TV watching and eating

Using a reacher device for dressing, picking things up, and grabbing things that are too high or low to reach without bending or straining

Toilet seat riser

Living Room Floor-Level Back-Lying Remote Holder

Living Room Back-Lying Remote Holder

Two High-Leverage Shower Knobs

Raised Shower Head

Remodeled Counter and Sink Faucet and Faucet Knobs in Bathroom and Kitchen

Left-Click Microswitch and Switch-Adapted Mouse

Xkeys for Easier Drag and Copy and Paste Functions

Bathtub Saddle Remodel for Safety

Do-It-Yourself Accessibility Wrench for Pool Filters and Valves

Accessibility Pool Steps with Reduced Riser Height

Hot Tub with Safety Rail and Safety Pole

Back-lying people can use either lots of pillows or a Craftmatic Adjustable Bed to incline themselves enough to use laptops on their laps, but they should keep in mind that a computer needs to cool off, so resting it on bedclothes that block the fan exhaust slots is a bad habit if you want it to last. Instead, put it on a small square of Masonite or thin paneling.

But all this assumes that your back can cope with this inclining. Many backs cannot.

For these non-incliners, I offer the following method of computing: lie flat on your back, look upward, and type with your hands on Comfort Keyboard sections that are at your sides or balanced on your body with the aid of small, thin, balance pillows. Get a VESA wall mounted KDS Radius Rad-5 flat screen monitor to use with a desktop computer that you store near your bed. The Rad-5 has instructions about getting the VESA attached to it included in the materials that come with it when you buy it. A VESA setup swings over the bed when needed and back to the wall when not needed. Browse and search for
VESA wall mount and you'll see it's 178 bucks. Get your KDS Radius Rad-5 flat screen monitor from on-line sources as well.

Currently, the Radius monitor costs 300 plus-with the amount of the plus depending on where you get it. (There are other flat screen monitors that may work all right and fit on a VESA, but the Radius is best, in my opinion.)

In case you have no computer, the deals on slower desktop computers that have USB ports are pretty hot right now—and they can only get better. Store the computer on a nearby side table, desk, or shelf. Wires would extend from it to your other equipment.

In previous parts of this article, you'll find all you need to know about using
Comfort Keyboard sections. You'll need to learn to touch type if you haven't already learned this—there's no way to watch the keyboard.

Add a trackball to the Comfort Keyboard sections on the bed, unless you use MouseKeys, which are a little more awkward.

Experiment with various ways of supporting your elbows and/or wrists. Being bedridden doesn't mean no computing or stressful computing; it only means changing your approach!
Back-lying Computing
VESA side mounted monitor
If you need a ceiling mount (below) to simplify the arm rotation, arm swiveling, and arm extention problems, click here.
ceiling mounted monitor
ergoflex keyboards have 3 sections
buy an ergoflex comfort keyboard