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Raised work trays for kitchen or workroom

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Raised massage table

Raised sinks, faucets, and towel racks

Mattresses for TV watching and eating

Using a reacher device for dressing, picking things up, and grabbing things that are too high or low to reach without bending or straining

Toilet seat riser

Living Room Floor-Level Back-Lying Remote Holder

Living Room Back-Lying Remote Holder

Two High-Leverage Shower Knobs

Raised Shower Head

Remodeled Counter and Sink Faucet and Faucet Knobs in Bathroom and Kitchen

Left-Click Microswitch and Switch-Adapted Mouse

Xkeys for Easier Drag and Copy and Paste Functions

Bathtub Saddle Remodel for Safety

Do-It-Yourself Accessibility Wrench for Pool Filters and Valves

Accessibility Pool Steps with Reduced Riser Height

Hot Tub with Safety Rail and Safety Pole

If you want to be kind to a back that just can't bend without pain, one of the most effective ways is to get the plumbing environment in harmony with the needs of that back. And the first and second places to look for the culprits that are keeping that back sore or worse are the bathroom and the kitchen.

The next time you use eitherócoming away hurtingóask yourself what the least stressful arrangement would be. You'll find that the sinks are way too low and the faucet apparatus is too low and far back. I raised my bathroom sink 14 inches (which forced me to raise a towel rack) and my kitchen sink 8 inches.

With the kitchen sink, I had a box made for the raised sink; the box measurements are 39 inches by 24.75 inches by 8 inches tall. Our handyman installed in the back of this sink box, from left to right: the air button garbage disposal control, the faucet pipe, the hot-and-cold valve handle, the sprayer, and the filtered water faucet.

In both the hall bathroom and kitchen, I tossed the current faucets and got ones whose handles stuck out several inches for easier use and whose faucet pipes extend forward 10 inches and upward 9 inches. They're called the
Moen Monticello Inspirations (in the Kitchen I had the Swing & Spray added on) and for the valve handle that sticks out forward, I got the Side Valve single handle control. The Moen site did not show the faucet with this side valve handle, but the plumber can do it for you so no sweat.

My bedroom's bathroom sink was too much trouble for anyone to raise, but I had the crummy faucet fixture replaced with a neat looking gold one that extends forward 5 inches and upward 7 inches. It's called the
American Standard Amaralis Gooseneck widespread, and I got what they call Cross handles. The American Standard company also has wrist blade handles and others that may be easier for folks with hand coordination control.

I no longer have fixtures in my environment that are out to get me (was that too paranoid?).
Raised Sinks, Faucets, and Towel Racks
Raised Sinks and Faucets Help Bending Pain!
Raised Sinks and Faucets Help Bending Pain!
Raised Sinks and Faucets Help Bending Pain!
Raised Sinks and Faucets Help Bending Pain!
Raised Sinks and Faucets Help Bending Pain!
Raised Sinks and Faucets Help Bending Pain!